About BB Insurance Marketing, Inc.


BBIMI’s purpose is to provide PROTECTION to businesses and families through a unique process of consultation and education resulting in customized insurance and risk management solutions by means of a highly trained and certified staff, advanced technologies and personalized caring service using the F.A.C.T.S Model


Your business and family enjoys a sense of well being through Honest, Valuable and Cost Effective PROTECTION.

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In 1996 two men Barry & Jason Brown with a vision and drive to do business differently formed BB Insurance Marketing, Inc. (BBIMI) which began a legacy of providing personalized and caring service to each and every client. Over 30 years of experience in business operations and risk management, combined with a sincere interest to help others, set the stage to do something great.

In 2011,Frank A. Tabino, Jr., CIC, partnered with BBIMI to perpetuate the principles and core values of the agency by bringing his knowledge, experience and burning desire to provide a world class client experience.

Today, BBIMI continues to provide Commercial and Personal Insurance, Risk Management, and Financial Planning Services for over 5,000 loyal clients. Success has been largely attributed to retaining a personal, consultative style that differentiates BBIMI from the rest. With a team of over 30 dedicated professionals BBIMI continues to create and sustain meaningful relationships with new and existing clients who benefit from our agency values.

Barry Brown

Barry Brown, CIC, Chairman

“I believe you should know what you’re buying before you sign on the dotted line.” (This philosophy started a successful insurance business in 1989 for Barry.)

As a previous owner of a large wholesale company, I was on the “buyers” side of insurance for over twenty years. Paying huge premiums and dealing with agents led me to despise the insurance industry.

I soon learned that all it takes is a little patience and explanation from the insurance professional. Taking the time to build relationships and educate the client is the only way to do business. The solution was simple, and I wanted to make sure that every one of my customers got that treatment.

Now, over the years, many of our clients have become close friends. They know that we are always here to protect and support them in their personal and professional lives.

Jason Brown

Jason Brown, CIC, President & CEO

“I find that by taking the time to understand each client’s individual needs, then educating them about insurance and following through on comittments, by not making excuses, allows us to earn trust much faster, which is very important in business relationships.

These qualities are hard to find these days, but I believe it is these core values that make the difference in choosing who to do business with. I have been rewarded with loyal clients and a very successful agency as a result. These values are coveyed by our entire staff and we all feel good about what we do each day.

Coming from a prior career in a service based industry similar to insurance, I recognized what was lacking in a lot of today’s relationships – CARING.

My dad and I have assembled the right attitudes, products and tools to provide a superior experience to those we serve.

Frank A Tabino

Frank A. Tabino Jr, CIC, Executive Vice President

“What sets me apart from so many others in the industry is my ability to focus on my clients’ tolerance of risk, and not my own. By doing so I can focus on building an insurance program truly individually designed for the client.” I understand that my job is to secure the best coverage for you, at the best price the market can yield.

“As a Certified Insurance Counselor I look forward to staying educated in order to maintain such a prestigious designation.” I know my clients count on me to recommend the correct coverage. By staying educated we all sleep well at night.

“My contracting background has instilled in me a work ethic that has transcended into my insurance career. When I leave the office each evening I need only think back on what it means to work out in the hot Florida sun for ten hours at a clip, and I usually wind up back at my desk at home for ’round two'”. I will NOT be out-worked.

“Being part of a positive, motivated, and caring agency is all I ever wanted when I became an insurance professional. Which is why I partnered with BBIMI in 2011.