Dwelling Fire

Is your rental property properly insured? At BB Insurance Marketing, Inc., our specialized dwelling fire policies protect your rental property from damages caused by fire, lightening, and other basic causes of loss. Additional coverages can be added for glass, burglary, vandalism, and theft. Policies can even protect you against claims resulting from liability.

Our policies cover the property itself, including the foundation, cabinets, walls, counter-tops, etc., and can include associated structures (such as unattached garages, greenhouses, barns, etc). A good fire policy will also cover up to a year’s worth of rent if a fire leaves your property uninhabitable.

At BB Insurance Marketing, Inc., we want to give you the confidence you need to rent out your property. That’s why we shop the top carriers in the country to find you a dwelling fire policy that is both affordable and reliable.

To learn more about our Florida dwelling fire policies, contact us today or visit our quote page for a free Florida dwelling fire insurance quote!