Coronavirus Pandemic Update

We are pleased to report that our Business Continuity Plans have been successfully activated in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Nearly all BBIMI employees are presently working from home with full functionality thanks to our migration to cloud infrastructure over the past few years, and we continue to be available to serve our clients while protecting the health and well-being of our team members, their families, and our community.

Our offices are currently closed to outside visitors and we encourage our clients to communicate with us and with their insurance companies via telephone, email, here on our website, or via other digital means.

We wish everyone continued safety as we work together as a global community to overcome this pandemic threat. Close

Product Offerings

Florida Auto Insurance

As your leading insurance professionals, we are dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive and affordable auto insurance – without the complications of your ordinary insurance company. Since 1997 has been building an insurance community whose goal is to improve the coverage we secure our clients. We are proud of the superior customer support and […]

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Florida Business Insurance

Business is unpredictable. But buying business insurance doesn’t have to be. As a most trusted insurance agency, we know that designing a custom business insurance package, that fits your specific needs, is no easy feat. With a variety of coverage options and state laws to abide by, you need someone with superior insurance knowledge and […]

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Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

As your premier business insurance brokerage, our team crafts specialty insurance programs that address various risk exposures. One form of risk, which many business owners tend to overlook, is the need for reliable Commercial Auto Insurance. Most states require individuals to obtain some form of car insurance to protect their vehicles. If you do get […]

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Florida Condo Insurance

We know that designing an effective condo insurance package that matches your individual needs, takes time and effort – not to mention someone who actually understands the insurance industry. It just so happens that we at are one of ’s leading insurance specialists, and we pride ourselves in the ability to help condo owners access […]

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Florida Home Insurance

As your premier insurance agency, we know that finding the perfect home insurance package isn’t necessarily easy; that’s why at we are dedicated to being your insurance ally! At we are committed to helping you navigate through one of the most critical policy decisions you will have to make during your lifetime. In order to […]

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Florida Life Insurance

At our team is happy to go far beyond being simple insurance agents—we aim to be the insurance leaders you trust to protect what truly matters most—your life. From providing you with reliable auto insurance, home and business coverage, we are prepared and awaiting the chance to take it to the next level by insuring […]

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Florida Renters Insurance

At , we want to ensure that our clients are effectively covered in all aspects of their lives – no matter where they live or what kind of car they drive. That’s why our team is committed to developing efficient insurance strategies such as our inclusive renters insurance. residents should understand, that generally speaking, renters […]

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Florida School Insurance Solutions

You dedicated yourself to putting others first. Operating a School – whether it’s a K-12, Montessori, Charter School, Professional Development or any host of specialized trade schools – you face a unique set of risks and challenges. But who’s protecting you? At , we understand that securing the right School Insurance program is just as […]

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General Business Liability Insurance in Florida

Does your business have enough liability coverage? Can your business ever have too much? It’s true – today, even the smallest of mishaps can result in large lawsuits. That’s why all of us at take your protection seriously. General business liability insurance in , along with property and worker’s compensation insurance, is a crucial tool […]

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Group Benefits

With Group benefits, businesses can look out for their employees! No matter the industry your business is in, your employees are the foundation of your company. Without their hard work and dedication, your business would not be in the successful position it is in. With a employee benefits package from , you can show your […]

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